Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Treatment That Really Works

Do you feel embarrassed about the colour of your teeth? Does your smile look less than its best?

If you don’t have teeth to be proud of, we can change all of that in just one hour.

Our revolutionary teeth whitening treatment is powerful and effective, leaving you with a dazzling smile you won’t be able to wait to show off.

After teeth whitening woman smiling into mirror

Brightening up dull, stained or yellowing teeth has never been easier than with our range of incredible teeth whitening treatments.

Lighten your teeth by up to six shades in just one hour

There’s no need to wait for lengthy treatments to see the results. Our teeth whitening treatment will transform your smile in just one hour, giving you teeth that are up to six shades lighter. What could be easier than that?!

Choice of top quality teeth whitening brands which are clinically proven

We only use world-class teeth whitening treatments such as Philips Zoom, Enlighten and Boutique Teeth Whitening for results you can trust.

Treatments designed just for you

Taking impressions of your teeth allows us to create a custom tray for you to take home. This together with our teeth whitening gel means you can keep your smile looking brilliantly white with easy top-up treatments.

After teeth whitening woman smiling into mirror

Tooth Club?

Here at Tooth Club we’ve helped hundreds of patients discover a stunning, white smile in next to no time. Unlock the beauty of whiter teeth with a treatment that is gentle yet effective.

With Tooth Club, we guarantee:

  • Treatments carried out by GDC-registered dentists
  • Personalised treatment plans
  • Affordable cost
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Relaxing, hygienic clinics

It’s your turn to discover a whiter, brighter smile with Tooth Club. Give us a call to book an appointment or ask your dentist about our Teeth Whitening treatments today.

Smile Gallery

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Teeth Whitening 01 Before
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A: One of the main benefits of our teeth whitening is that you do not have to wait any time at all to resume your day, eat and drink as normal.

A: Unfortunately, the effects of teeth whitening are only temporary. If you are someone who consumes food and beverages that contain strong staining agents like coffee or tea regularly, your results will start to fade within a month. However, if you want to maintain your results for as long as possible, you should stay away from staining agents and the effects can last up to a year, or at least until your next whitening treatment appointment.
A: Over years of teeth whitening procedures, it has not shown to damage any existing restorations. However, the effects of teeth whitening only work on the teeth and not the restorations. Therefore, by the end of your treatment, your teeth will have a different colour or shade than your fillings, crowns, veneers, etc.
A: There is no evidence that teeth whitening can damage the nerves in your mouth. In fact, researches have shown that patients who undergo teeth whitening procedures took up to seven years without needing a root canal procedure.