Smile Makeover

What’s Included in a Mini-Smile Makeover?

Do you wish your teeth were something to be proud of? With a mini-smile makeover you can dial up your confidence by creating a stunning new look.

Our mini-smile makeover is a revolutionary package of treatments that are quick, simple and effective and will leave you looking truly special.

With gentle tooth reshaping, powerful teeth whitening, and stain removal. It’s a trio of treatments that will leave you looking your absolute best.

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A mini-smile makeover brings together different treatments to create a complete transformation that you’ll love.

Here’s what’s included in the Tooth Club mini-smile makeover:

A 30-minute treatment to remove staining
Powerful teeth whitening treatment to give you the celebrity smile
Dental contouring. Subtle reshaping (edge bonding or filing your teeth) to provide a smoother, more pleasing cosmetic appearance.

The whole process is simple and cost-effective but the results are astounding. We guarantee you’ll be delighted with a smile which is whiter, brighter, and smoother all round.

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Tooth Club?

Here at Tooth Club we really understand what our patients want and we’re constantly looking for new ways to offer innovative treatments at an affordable cost.

Our mini-smile makeover is a market-leading package that brings together several elements to create a result that is truly outstanding.

Even better, our focus on offering value for money means this is the most affordable way yet to transform your smile. It’s never been as easy to look your beautiful best.

Some of the benefits of choosing Tooth Club include:

  • Highly skilled, professional dentists
  • Relaxing, hygienic clinics
  • Extensive experience for the best results
  • Flexible payment options including 0% finance
  • Free, no-obligation consultation

To find out more about how to book in for a mini-smile makeover, or just to discuss it in more detail, give us a call today.

Smile Gallery

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A: No, it’s a pain-free treatment. It’s an only minimally invasive process and you won’t need any injections.
A: Also known as cosmetic contouring, dental contouring is a process that can help to even out the shape of your teeth, or make them look more aesthetically pleasing. It can help if one tooth is slightly longer than the others, or where the bottom set of teeth are slightly offset. Shaping the edges can create the appearance of straighter teeth. Even if your teeth aren’t uneven, a more rounded appearance is preferred by many.
A: No. The dental contouring is a permanent change that won’t need to be repeated. You may want to repeat the stain-removing process or top up the whitening in the future.
A: If your teeth are healthy but crooked, misshapen, stained, or have small gaps, a mini-smile makeover can deliver fantastic results. It’s designed for people with healthy teeth that would like to make some cosmetic improvements.