Choose Invisalign for Fast Results

Looking for a beautifully straight smile?
Don’t want to wear traditional metal braces?
No problem.
Invisalign can transform your appearance with its innovative design which is practically invisible, even close-up.

Choose Invisalign for Fast Results

There are lots of great reasons to choose Invisalign:

Five million cases worldwide and counting!

We’ve treated more than 700 patients with Invisalign which is backed by 20 years of clinical research.

Treatment is up to 50% quicker!

With weekly changes in aligners, progress is rapid and you’ll see your new smile emerging in next to no time.

Clinically proven results!

The combination of SmartTrack features and SmartTrack materials are scientifically proven to achieve 75% more reliable movement of teeth.

How Invisalign Can Help

How Invisalign Can Help

Forget everything you’ve heard about traditional metal braces; Invisalign is completely different. Comfortable and convenient, Invisalign is a removable aligner that has revolutionised dental braces.

Invisalign can be extremely effective for an enormous range of dental conditions, including:

  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Gaps
  • Crossbites
  • Crowding

If you’re not happy with how your teeth look, book an appointment with your dentist and ask whether Invisalign will work for you.


Tooth Club?

We’ve helped hundreds of people create the smile they’ve always dreamt of and now it’s your turn to shine.

Tooth Club is a world-class provider of Invisalign treatment and can offer:

  • Highly skilled, professional dentists
  • Relaxing, hygienic clinics
  • Extensive experience for the best results
  • Flexible payment options including
    0% finance
  • Free, no-obligation consultation

Choose Tooth Club for dentists who are friendly, confident and professional and discover a new type of relaxing dental experience. Call us today to book your appointment!

Smile Gallery

Mouth smiling after teeth straightening
Teeth Straightening 01 Before
Teeth Straightening 02 After
Teeth Straightening 02 Before

Ready to experience straighter teeth and a gorgeous smile?​

Invisalign is an easy and simple way to straighten your teeth, with no hassle or inconvenience. Talk to your dentist today or give us a call to find out more.


No! With Invisalign, the whole process is completed using advanced 3D scanning technology. This scan creates the custom impression of your teeth and is non-invasive.
Invisalign retainers are made from a soft and flexible plastic which is gentle on the mouth. The special material is called SmartTrack® and is super-thin, making it almost invisible.
The retainers work by putting pressure on your teeth to slowly move them into the position you want. The process is not painful but is very effective.
Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this. Much depends on your own teeth and how drastic the changes are that you’re trying to make. As a general guide, you can expect to be wearing your Invisalign for up to 18 months.
The best way is to use the Invisalign Cleaning System that you can get from your dentist. Alternatively, just give them a brush with regular toothpaste and your toothbrush!