Emergency Care

All Types of Dental Emergencies

Don’t suffer the agony of dental pain – let us help with an emergency appointment.

We know how awful dental pain can be so when the worst happens, we can offer same-day appointments for rapid treatment.

No matter what the dental emergency is, we’ll find you the earliest appointment with one of our dental specialists. Offering powerful pain relief by getting to the root of the problem fast, you can trust us to ease your discomfort.

Man looking at his teeth in mirror due to dental pain emergency

There are many different types of dental emergency so if you’re suffering from any kind of dental discomfort or pain, don’t wait. The sooner we treat you, the more quickly you’ll be free of pain.

Dental pain won’t suddenly go away, and if you wait for long you risk things getting much worse.

Some of the types of dental emergency we see most frequently are:

Broken dentures
Dental abscess
Broken or damaged braces
Gum pain
Lost filling
Loose bridges/crowns
Chipped or broken teeth
Painful wisdom teeth

Whether you’re suffering from one of these or another type of dental emergency, you can trust Tooth Club to help provide relief.

Woman holding cheek due to dental pain emergency

Get In Touch For Rapid Relief

We can help relieve your pain and get to the root of the problem, banishing your discomfort.

Our dental professionals will do what it takes to relieve your pain before exploring to find the underlying cause. We can treat most problems on the same day but for some, a further course of treatment will be needed. Your dentist will talk it through so you understand what’s needed before you leave.

When dental pain hits, don’t be left struggling – get in touch with Tooth Club. With same-day appointments for dental emergencies, help is only a phone call away.


Tooth Club?

We’ve helped hundreds of people create the smile they’ve always dreamt of and now it’s your turn to shine.

Tooth Club is a world-class provider of Invisalign treatment and can offer:

  • Highly skilled, professional dentists
  • Relaxing, hygienic clinics
  • Extensive experience for the best results
  • Flexible payment options including
    0% finance
  • Free, no-obligation consultation

Choose Tooth Club for dentists who are friendly, confident and professional and discover a new type of relaxing dental experience. Call us today to book your appointment!