Scared of the dentist but need to go? 5 Tips from Toothclub to help you plan a smooth visit.

Are you frightened about going to the dentist?
If so, you are not alone. There are lots of reasons you might not want to go.
Maybe it’s been a while since you had an appointment.  Perhaps you have a fear of being in the chair, feel self-conscious, or have a tooth that’s missing or rotten.
Firstly, let us reassure you, our dentists have seen everything before. You are not unusual. We want the same outcome as you, a healthy mouth, and teeth you feel proud of when you smile.
We also don’t feel like a dentist, our practises look and feel more like somewhere you could expect a relaxing beauty treatment.  So, here are our top tips for anyone feeling nervous about visiting a dentist, we hope you’ll feel reassured.

1.  When you book in for your appointment, be sure to let the team know how you feel about coming for treatment. We will do everything possible to help relax you for your visit.  2. It may feel more relaxing to you to come at a time the clinic is quiet, such as first thing in the morning. The calmer you are at your appointment the better for you. 3. You could consider bringing noise cancelling headphones or ear buds to your appointment, this helps you control your experience even more, and your favourite podcast host, or favourite music, or even the latest episode of your favourite Netlix series, may keep you feeling calmer. 4. Why not bring a friend to the appointment? They can sit with you or stay in reception and be there supporting you before and afterwards.  5. Try an App like Headspace. A guided meditation or relaxation prior to an appointment may be just what you need to feel a lot calmer during your treatment.

More information for nervous patients coming to visit Toothclub
To read more about your choices with Toothclub as a nervous patient visit this page https://www.toothclub.co.uk/treatments/dental-sedation/