Maidstone Membership

Join our Dental Plan at Tooth Club Maidstone

Becoming a member enables us to provide regular care and helps you to maintain oral health.

Membership Plans

Membership plans from £18.84 per month for the following inclusive benefits:
 Club MemberVIP MemberKids Club Member
Dental examinationsx 2x 2x 2
Dental Hygiene treatmentsx 2x 4 
Dental X rays2 x treatments2 x treatments 
Private dental treatment10% discount10% discount 
Total Cost£18.48/month£28.33/month£10.50/month
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Post Service Treatment Plans

Make affordable and flexible payments for maintaining your cosmetic, general, and restorative dentistry treatments from £18.48/month.

Implant Service Plan Composite Bonding Service Plan Invisalign Service Plan
Check up x 2
x 2
x 2
Clean & Polish x 2
x 2
x 2
Private dental treatment 10% discount 10% discount 10% discount
Treatment specifics First year chipping repairs covered First year chipping repairs covered
Total Cost £18.48/month £18.48/month £18.48/month
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