Kids Dental Health Care

Healthy teeth are very important from the to a child’s overall health. Early instruction in basic dental hygiene is an investment in your child’s health that will pay off in the long run. Setting a good example by taking proper care of your own teeth will demonstrate the importance of oral health. And anything that makes brushing your teeth enjoyable, like doing it with your kid or allowing them pick out their own toothbrush, promotes good oral hygiene.

Here are some top tips which can help you to take care of your child’s dental health:

1. Book regular dental check ups:

As kids have the tendency of eating almost everything from everywhere. Kids are more prone to cavities and dental problems than adults. As children get their first set of milk teeth (baby teeth) followed by their second set of permanent adult teeth, it is essential to have regular 6 month check ups with our Tooth Club dentists.

2. Limit intake of acidic and sugary foods and drinks:

What your child consumes can have a big impact on the health of their teeth and mouth. Bacteria that might cause decay can grow in foods and beverages with added sugar. Acidic meals and beverages can leave a residue of acid on the teeth that can cause tooth enamel erosion. Limit your consumption of sweets, chocolates, soft drinks, and other items.

3. Supervise your child while brushing their teeth:

At the early stage of learning how to brush, you should watch your child clean their teeth carefully because small children have a tendency to swallow toothpaste. Additionally, supervision makes sure the child rinses their mouth out completely and uses the appropriate amount of toothpaste.

4. Change toothbrush regularly:

As a toothbrush ages, it becomes less efficient in removing plaque and calculus from teeth. The majority of dentists advise switching out your toothbrush every three months. Replace the toothbrush sooner if the bristles are old, flat, or spread since children are more likely to chew and sucking on their toothbrush.

5. Use a timer or song to get children to brush teeth for 2 minutes:

Make sure your child brush their teeth at least twice a day for a minimum of two minutes each time. Use a timer in the bathroom or play or sing a song that lasts at least two minutes to ensure that they clean their teeth for the full recommended duration.