Hygiene Hammersmith


How our Hygienist Can Help

Some of the problems that a dental hygienist can help with include:

  • Stained teeth
  • Plaque build-up
  • Descaling and polishing
  • Check up of your tooth and gum health
  • Demonstration of correct hygiene techniques
  • General dental care advice

    Hygiene Treatments available!

    To keep your teeth looking beautiful, white, and clean, it’s essential to look after them. This means taking care of them at home and also making regular hygiene appointments at your dental surgery.

    If your teeth are healthy, you will probably see the hygienist more frequently than your dentist! It’s recommended to book a hygiene appointment at least once every six months, or sooner if you’re a smoker or have signs of plaque build-up.

    All of the dental hygienists at Tooth Club are registered with the General Dental Council and fully qualified. You can trust us with the health of your teeth, and to help you look your best.


    A: None of the hygiene treatments should be painful. However, if there is any soreness or discomfort you should let the hygienist know right away. An anaesthetic cream can be applied to the gums to prevent any pain while your teeth are being descaled.
    A: Yes, it’s a good idea to book appointments with the hygienist for your children. It will be useful for your children to have their teeth polished, but the dental hygienist can also check their brushing and flossing technique and provide guidance.
    A: the precise amount of time you’ll need depends on the condition of your teeth. As a general rule, you should allow one hour for your first appointment and 30-45 minutes for any subsequent appointments.

    A: No. If your teeth need to be polished or descaled, your dentist may refer you to the hygienist. However, you can still book an appointment with the hygienist whenever you feel you need to without diverting through the dentist first.