Gaps in teeth, How can I fix them? Why do I have them?

I have a gap in my teeth, Fashion statement? ‘ Or Medical problem?

Unique smiles are seen all around the world every day on your TV screens and magazine covers. There are so many people in this industry who are recognized for their iconic smiles due to its aperture. While many people may grow to love their gaps, the same positivity cannot be applied to everyone. Unfortunately for the majority of us, when gaps form in adult teeth and begin to enlarge, this could be the start of an oral health problem that could need immediate medical attention, possibly leading to cosmetic dentistry. But don’t fret! Our Ipswich dentists at Tooth Club are here to help!

Most people learn to love the gaps in between their teeth as it has been a big part of their childhood. It adds to the natural look, and it is usually unproblematic. Appearance of new gaps in your teeth however, may be something to worry about, as you may be experiencing thinning teeth, bone loss in the jaw or shifting of teeth from aging.

Patients usually forget to brush and floss correctly between enlarged gaps as it is usually assumed that if there is a space it will be bacteria-free. However, according to our Ipswich dentists, this is not the case. The likelihood of bacterial growth is actually increased when there are gaps between the teeth, making infections more common. Poor maintenance of gaps may result in gum disease and dental caries which is why our dentists at Tooth Club would always recommend regular, extensive flossing after teeth brushing, while paying particular attention to gaps.

Can I fix my gaps?

Commonly, people will prefer to choose a form of dental cosmetics to fix the problem such as implants or bonding. Braces may also be a reluctant choice as is it a long term, and possibly uncomfortable process.

Whatever it is, book an appointment with us at our Tooth Club Ipswich dentists and we’ll help you find the most comfortable and ideal solution in fixing your gaps.

Even if you love your gaps, book an appointment for a consultation so that we can keep your gaps clean, and prevent bacteria buildup that might cause infections in the long run! Whatever your dental needs, we at Tooth Club are happy to help!