Dental Hygiene: Fresh Breath and Smoking – don’t rush when you brush!

Bad breath is a very common problem and there are many different causes. Some people find that they have bad breath all the time and there may be an underlying medical cause for that, such as throat, nose or lung infections and sinusitis, bronchitis or diabetes.

You can also suffer from bad breath if you have poor dental hygiene. Without regular brushing and flossing, bacteria and bits of food can get trapped in between your teeth, which release an unpleasant odour after some time.

Bad breath typically originates from bacteria both inside and outside of the mouth. It is also very commonly associated with the debris left on a person’s tongue. This is often down to poor personal hygiene, which is why we always recommend regular visits to your dentist – preventing any large build up over time.

Bad breath is also caused or made worse by strong foods like garlic, onions and coffee. Lifestyle and diet are a huge factor influencing your bad breath!

Another cause of bad breath is smoking.

Many studies have shown that smoking and using tobacco products has a detrimental effect on your teeth and gums. The problem is caused by the fact that tobacco affects the gum tissue cells, making smokers more prone to getting infections in the form of gum and periodontal diseases. Other negative effects of smoking are: bad breath, stained teeth, jawbone loss, shrinking gums, mouth sores, decreased senses of taste and smell, poor healing of mouth sores and hairy tongue.

In addition to this, most people don’t know that smoking is the main cause of mouth cancer, with thousands of people dying every year from mouth cancer brought on by smoking.

As dental professionals it is important for us to tell you about the risks for smoking and to help you to quit by giving you information and support. By cutting down and stopping smoking or using tobacco products your oral health will benefit very quickly and you will notice changes in your certain mouth. It is essential that you come into the practice for regular check-ups so we can help you maintain good oral health and give you advice and encouragement.

Bad breath can be prevented by following a daily oral hygiene regime and cutting down on sugary foods and drinks. Regular trips to the hygienist will also ensure your plaque levels are kept under control.

Top Tips to tackle your bad breath:

  • Keep hydrated, drinking as much water as possible is key.
  • Add a tongue scraper to your routine
  • Floss every evening

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