Ipswich Dentist adds CT Scanner for Implant offering

What is a CT scanner?

At our Tooth Club dentist in Ipswich we are proud to be able to offer our patients a CT scan, to enhance or patient’s treatment plan and experience. A CT scan is a Computerised Tomography scan, in which an X-ray is performed that takes detailed pictures of parts of the body. The scanner sends out X-ray beams from various angles at the same time to capture an image in 3D, in a more detailed way.

CT scans produce high quality detailed digital images that show the inside of your mouth or bone structure, and are therefore are extremely useful in dental practices to undertake dental treatments.

CT imaging is considered one of the best and fastest tools for examining the body because it can provide cross-sectional views of your mouth with highly detailed images reducing the need for multiple X-rays.

What Does This Mean For Tooth Club?

This new system at the Ipswich dentist allows us to concentrate solely on the positioning of an implant during surgery, thus simplifying the process and improving our ability to place the implant accurately and safely.

Correct placement of a dental implant helps us make the finished implants look as natural as possible alongside your existing natural teeth. The angle of the implant placement is vital to enable it to function just like a natural tooth.

Tooth Club Ipswich are proud to be working with Dentsply Sirona, globally, one of the worlds leading dental manufactures. Not only are they a forward-thinking company with an excellent support network in place, their technical support allows us to utilise there implant system with confidence.

A Message From Our CEO

Our new CT Scanner provides our patients quick and easy access to 3D scans. This prevents  us referring patients externally, making the experience, quicker, easier and more accessible. The CT Scanner gives our patients a far more superior patient journey, which we are incredibly proud of and always strive for at our Tooth Club Ipswich dentist.