Changing Your Denture: Fixed Bridge For A Better Life

There are several ways to replace dentures; the implant based fixed bridge is the most common solution.

Let’s see what you can expect if you change your denture for a fixed bridge.

You can eat anything: bite an apple, have a steak and enjoy full tastes again! In a dinner party you can choose anything to eat, without worrying how you will manage to chew food.

Your digestion and general health gets better; you may even lose weight because with better chewing result you will need less food to feel full.

You can freely smile and even have big, big laughs; you will just not be able to stop smiling.

You will never ever have to worry about your teeth falling off and causing an embarrassing situation: you can go skiing, diving, you can sing karaoke, play football, go sledding with your children or grandchildren, dance or play music – whatever you want to do!

With the fixed bridge you may also get a “free mini facelift” as the new teeth elevate the height of your bite often leaving fewer and thinner wrinkles around the mouth.

Life simply gets better without the denture!

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There is always a solution and it may be less expensive than you would ever think.

Gum disease is caused by a build-up of plaque on the teeth.

Plaque is a sticky substance that contains bacteria. Some of these bacteria are harmless, but some are harmful for the health of your gums. ‘Unfortunately’ gum disease is normally not painful. The
gums may bleed, you may feel some bad taste in your mouth and to be honest your breath is likely to have bad smell but there will be no symptom that would force you to seek for urgent help.

Many people think that there is no help at all, it is something that they have to accept and live with, but this is definitely not true.

There are four factors that influence the occurrence of gum disease: genetic and hereditary factors, general health, daily oral hygiene routine and frequency of visits to the dentist/hygienist.

This complexity of the causes suggests that nobody is helpless; if you „inherited bad teeth” as many patients say, you can balance it out with better cleaning and more frequent visits to the dentist.

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