Bad Breath: how can we help?

What’s causing your bad breath?

Bad breath is a daily problem for 30% of the population, but everyone is guaranteed to experience bad breath anxiety every once in a while. We commonly associate bad breath with intense food odors such as garlic or onions, however the most common bad breath influences are from beverages and smoking tobacco. Alcoholic drinks are a big culprit too, and coffee in particular is the reason why you may remember holding your breath while your math teacher explains how Pythagoras Theorem works.

Lifestyle and diet may not be the only influence on your bad breath! Common medical conditions such as tonsil stones, acid reflux or tonsillitis may result in an unflattering scent. These may feel like they are immutable, but our experts at the Tooth Club Ipswich dentist practice might just have the solution.

Bad breath typically originate from bacteria from both the outside and inside of the mouth. It is also very commonly associated with the debris present on a  person’s tongue. Often times, this may be due to poor personal hygiene which is why we always recommend regular visits to your dentistto prevent large build ups over time. Unfortunately, not everyone around you are going to let you know that you have bad breath.

People who are more prone to tonsil stones will usually have bad breath as this bacteria growth produces a scent over time. In this situation however, oral hygiene may not be the main issue, whereas the structure of the tonsils (which cannot be helped) as they collect more dead cells and mucus that are bonded together to form a tonsil stone.

Periodontitis is another common gum disease that will cause bad breath. This however, is related to poor oral hygiene which is something that can be helped. We recommend a visit to your dentist to identify the problem so it can be quickly solved and you don’t have to walk around feeling self conscious about your bad breath.

Everyone’s biggest fear with bad breath is how the people you’re surrounded with are going to react. No one wants the fear of having their date smell what they had for breakfast across a table. Nevertheless, another reason to visit your dentistand bring up your worry of your possible bad breath is because you may in fact not have bad breath. Pseudo-halitosis Is a condition where a patient believes that they have a significant odor in their breath, but upon examination there is no such case. So, while this may be an embarrassing scenario, everyone would rather know they aren’t scaring people away with bad breath.

Nevertheless, no matter what it is, we at Tooth Club are excited to help you find out the root cause of your bad breath (no pun intended) and figure out a long term solution so you won’t have to feel insecure while talking to anyone. 


You thought it was helping? Well it’s Actually making it worse

Spending all your time Googling home remedies for bad breath may not actually be helping. There are a lot of home treatments that will actually be making your breath a lot worse and creating a more intense odor.

Some of these treatments include:

Tea tree mouthwash treatment – this will only mask the smell for short periods of time and isn’t the most effective solution.

You can replace this with a well suited mouthwash recommended by a dental expert or your regular dentist. We at Ipswich dentist recommend using sensory exercise pro enamel mouthwash…

Tips from our Ipswich Dentists

There are various successful ways of getting rid of bad breath, some requiring a long term solution while others showing faster/instant results (depending on the cause)

Some of our Ipswich dental practitioners’ recommended tips are..

  • Salt water rinse daily is a gentle starting point for bacteria in the mouth
  • Keep hydrated, drinking as much water as possible is key
  • Flossing every evening
  • Add a tongue scraper to your routine

Got bad breath? Book an appointment at with us or drop by for a consultation with our dental professionals at Tooth Club today! We have dentists in Ipswich centre. Your solution to bad breath is only one step away.